Exchange electricity – order electricity at hourly prices

Exchange electricity is an excellent choice for active electricity users. By taking advantage of the fluctuations in electricity prices and using electricity during the cheapest hours, you can save good money on your electricity bill. We offer Exchange electricity under a non-fixed-term contract, which means you can cancel your contract with a two-week notice.

How is the price for Exchange electricity calculated?

Under an Exchange electricity contract, the price of electricity is always made up of three parts: a fixed monthly payment, an hourly spot price and a commission fee. During hours that the spot price is negative, the electricity price consists of the same elements as when the spot price is positive: the spot price and the commission.

The area price for Exchange electricity in Finland is determined by Nord Pool’s electricity exchange. The spot prices for each day are announced the day before, allowing you to plan your electricity use in advance. You can view the hourly prices on Nord Pool’s website, but be aware that they do not include VAT or the commission charged by the electricity supplier.

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Is Exchange electricity the right choice for me?

Exchange electricity is especially suitable for situations in which you are able to regulate your use of electricity well and you are motivated to follow the developments in spot prices. Many choose Exchange electricity because they value the fact that it is priced in accordance with the current market prices. The prices may vary greatly by the hour, but in the long term, Exchange electricity is often a very affordable option.

Exchange electricity for a detached house – when is it a wise choice?

Exchange electricity is most cost-effective when you can adjust the timing of your electricity usage based on the energy exchange price. Often, the opportunities for this are best if you live in a detached house. For many everyday electricity needs, changing the timing of consumption is not possible or practical. Obviously, the refrigerator must be on regardless of price fluctuations, and lights are only needed when you are awake. In a detached house, however, energy consumption is usually higher, and the most significant difference is often in heating, where you may be able to influence the timing by scheduling electric heating, for example, during the night.

Track the spot prices

If you choose Exchange electricity, it is a good idea to look up the most current spot prices regularly. This way, you can plan your electricity use in advance. By reducing electricity use during the most expensive hours and pushing it to more affordable ones, you can save a pretty penny. Generally, Exchange electricity is cheapest at night and on weekends, when the demand is at its lowest.

Fingrid’s Hourly Price application, which can be found in the Play Store or Apple App Store under its Finnish name Tuntihinta, is a handy tool for monitoring price trends. The app offers customisable alerts that give you a heads-up if the price of electricity exceeds a certain limit or if electricity is particularly affordable.

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How is exchange electricity billed?

Exchange electricity is billed retrospectively based on your actual electricity consumption and the hourly fluctuating spot prices. It’s worth keeping the following things in mind when it comes to how exchange electricity is billed:

  • In addition to the total monthly cost, the bill shows the average price for the electricity used. This only describes the average cost of your actual consumption, not the average price of the electricity overall.
  • You can view hourly rates in our app.
  • The billed amount can vary more on a monthly basis than in other types of contracts.

Vaasan Sähkö’s Exchange electricity Wind is 100% renewable energy.

The origin of the Exchange electricity Wind that Vaasan Sähkö sells is verified Finnish wind power. By choosing Exchange electricity Wind, you will be supporting the development of renewable energy in Finland.

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