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Frequently asked questions

The size of the bill depends on the amount of electricity consumption and also on the price of the electricity you buy.

The use of electricity is affected by several factors, such as the property heating method, the size and age of the property, the electronic equipment used in the home, the number of people in each household, electricity usage habits, and the thermal insulation of the property.

In households heated with electricity, consumption is usually much higher in winter than in summer, and this is reflected in the bill.

You can see the price of the electricity you bought on the bill. You can put the price of energy out to tender and choose the electricity contract and seller of your choice.

Your electricity bill includes the price of electrical energy and its transmission, as well as taxes.

Energy charge
The price of electrical energy is also referred to as its sales price and it is affected by many factors determined by the market, such as production costs and power exchange prices. Only the part of the electricity bill accounting for electrical energy can be put out to competitive tender, as all the other parts have fixed rates.

The local electrical network company which owns the region’s distribution network takes care of the distribution. The distribution price for electricity cannot be put out to tender. The Energy Authority monitors the price of electricity distribution and makes sure it is at a reasonable level.

Electricity tax
You pay electricity tax for your electricity consumption. Your local electrical network company charges you electricity tax in connection with the price for distribution. The company then pays the electricity tax forward to the state.

The tax consists of excise duty on electricity and a strategic stockpile fee. The Finnish electricity tax model ha​s two categories and is based on the Act on Excise Duty on Electricity and Certain Fuels (1260/96). Electricity users are divided into two tax brackets depending on the type of consumer.

Value added tax
Electrical energy, distribution, electricity tax and the strategic stockpile fee are subject to value added tax. This VAT rate is 24 per cent.​​

General electricity is suitable for homes with no electric heating or with low electricity consumption, which mainly takes place in the daytime. The price of general electricity is the same regardless of the time of day or season. General electricity is a product that usually fits homes in blocks of flats and terrace houses, detached and semi-detached houses heated with oil, wood or ground heat as well as holiday homes.

Night-time electricity is suitable for homes and premises that use electric heaters and that consume a lot of electricity at night. Night-time electricity comes in two price ranges, daytime and night-time prices, with night-time electricity being more affordable. This product is intended for customers whose current metering is based on the time division of day/night​.

Season-rate electricity is suitable for properties that consume a lot of electricity, mainly in the summer. Season-rate electricity comes in two price ranges, a price for winter weekdays and other times, with other times being more affordable. This product is intended for customers whose current metering is based on the time division of winter weekday/other times.

You probably live within the distribution district of Vaasan Sähköverkko. Your local network provider will continuously take care of distributing the energy to your home and charge for it.

The basic charge is something that the distribution company collects to be able to maintain the network at all times. In other words, it hasn’t got much to do with how much energy you use.

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