Moving and your electricity contract – what to do

Order electricity for your new address

Are you moving and need an electricity contract for your new home? We offer affordable electricity contracts no matter where you move in Finland. Also read our tips on how to get the electricity to a new apartment quickly and what movers should remember about electricity in their old and new homes.

Electricity for your new home

Get your electricity contract in only a few minutes

An electricity contract is most conveniently done by contacting us online, it only takes a few minutes!

We’ll take care of the rest: we will transfer your contract, contacting your local power grid company and, if you wish, cancel the electricity supply to your old address. Remember that it is always a good idea to take action well ahead of the move. Why not arrange for a your new electricity contract at least a couple of weeks before moving.

Do you need an electricity contract right away? Call our customer service!

You forgot the electricity contract and didn’t remember it until the day you moved? Call our customer service at 06 324 5750 if you need electricity in the Vaasan Sähkö area, or 06 324 5770 if you need electricity elsewhere in Finland. We’ll help you get power to your home as soon as possible. We will also find out for you whether the local power grid company will charge you a fee for quick connection.

Current customers – be sure to make a notification of change of address

Do you want to transfer your current electricity contract to a new address? The transfer of the electricity contract will mean that your old electricity contract is terminated and a new electricity contract is made for the new home.

It is always a good idea to take care of the notification of change of address at least a couple of weeks before moving, but by calling our customer service, we can get electricity to your home quickly.

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Electricity contracts and moving – Tips and tricks

Termination of your old electricity contract

Please remember to terminate your old electricity contract when moving. It will not be terminated automatically when you make a new electricity contract or move out. You can easily terminate your agreement by contacting us.

If you forget to terminate the old electricity contract, the electricity bill will be sent to you until the contract is terminated. Without separate termination, the old contract expires when a new resident enters into a new electricity contract for the apartment.

Fixed-term electricity contracts and moving

Do you have a fixed-term electricity contract valid in your current apartment and you’re planning on moving? Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with two electricity contracts. A fixed-term electricity contract can usually be terminated in the event of a change of address before the end of the contract period, and you can enter into a new electricity contract for your new home.

Electricity contracts on the weekend

If you need to turn on the power over the weekend or on a weekday evening, call your local power network company’s fault service, from which the power can be switched on as a paid quick switch. The fault service will then give you instructions on how to make the electricity contract.

Moving and your electricity contract - FAQ

This always depends on your local power grid company. Call us right away, and we’ll sort it out. At the same time, we’ll find out whether the power grid company will charge a fee for express connection. We therefore recommend that you contact us to make a new electricity contract with us in good time.

Our electricity prices are lower than the average price level in Finland. Whether you live in an apartment building or a detached house, you can find the right electricity contract for you here.

Electricity contracts for minors are made in the name of their legal guardian until they turn 18.

Of course! We supply electricity to all regions of mainland Finland at a price that is lower than average.

For an electricity contract, the electricity company needs your name, social security number, new home address and date when you would like the electricity to be connected. The date can be changed afterwards. If you enter into an electricity contract online, you will need to identify yourself via your bank identification. By phone, you will be identified by your social security number.

The express connection fee is a charge charged by a local electricity network company for the rapid connection of electricity. The size of the fee and the criteria for charging are specific to the network company. The express connection fee can be charged if the electricity is to be switched on within two days of ordering electricity. For this reason, it is not worth leaving the electricity contract to the last minute, but rather best to handle it in good time, preferably a few weeks before moving.

The practice is that the contract in your name is terminated, the address of the final invoice is updated, a new electricity contract will be created if necessary for the new address, and the person remaining in the apartment must enter into a new contract under their own name.

To do this, they should contact us personally, either by phone or on our website, well in advance of the end of your contract.

If there is no valid contract, the electricity at the address will be cut off at the end of the previous contract. For this reason, it is important that the person remaining in the residence makes a new contract.

When you move, you can choose to terminate the contract. We can also help you with a new contract to your new address.

Your electricity bill includes the price of electrical energy and its transmission, as well as taxes.

Energy charge
The price of electrical energy is also referred to as its sales price and it is affected by many factors determined by the market, such as production costs and power exchange prices. Only the part of the electricity bill accounting for electrical energy can be put out to competitive tender, as all the other parts have fixed rates.

The local electrical network company which owns the region’s distribution network takes care of the distribution. The distribution price for electricity cannot be put out to tender. The Energy Authority monitors the price of electricity distribution and makes sure it is at a reasonable level.

Electricity tax
You pay electricity tax for your electricity consumption. Your local electrical network company charges you electricity tax in connection with the price for distribution. The company then pays the electricity tax forward to the state.

The tax consists of excise duty on electricity and a strategic stockpile fee. The Finnish electricity tax model ha​s two categories and is based on the Act on Excise Duty on Electricity and Certain Fuels (1260/96). Electricity users are divided into two tax brackets depending on the type of consumer.

Value added tax
Electrical energy, distribution, electricity tax and the strategic stockpile fee are subject to value added tax. This VAT rate is 24 per cent.​​

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