Moving and your electricity contract – what to do

Order electricity for your new address

Are you moving and need an electricity contract for your new home? Wherever you are moving in Finland, contact us for a suitable electricity contract. You should also read our tips on how to get electricity for your new home quickly, and what you should remember about electricity in your old and new home.

Electricity for your new home

Electricity contract for new home – make the electricity contract online

The easiest way to make an electricity contract is online. It only takes a few minutes!

We take care of the rest: we will make a transmission contract with the local power grid company and, if you wish, will terminate the electricity contract at your old address. Remember that you should make a new electricity contract at least a couple days before you move in to your new home. However, if necessary we can connect your electricity supply on short notice. Read here how to get electricity connected right away.

Need an electricity contract quickly? Call our customer service

Forgot your electricity contract and only remembered it on the day you are moving? Call our customer service at +358 6 324 5750. We will help you get electricity as soon as possible.

Existing customer – remember to submit a notification of a change of address

Want to transfer your existing electricity contract to your new address? This is done by terminating your old electricity contract and making a new one for your new home.

You can transfer your electricity contract easily by logging into our online service and at the end submitting a notification of a change of address. This is when you can also make a new electricity contract for your new home.

You should submit a notification of a change of address at least a couple of weeks before your move, but if you call our customer service, you can get electricity for your new home faster than that.

An electricity contract and moving: good to know

Terminating your old electricity contract

Remember to terminate your old electricity contract when moving. If will not be terminated automatically even if you make a new electricity contract for your new home. You can terminate your contract easily in your online service. Log in to the service and complete your contract by submitting a notification of a change of address. At the same time, you can make a new contract for the new address.

If you forget to terminate the old electricity contract, you will receive the electricity bill until you do. Your old contract will be terminated without a separate termination once the new resident at your previous address makes a new electricity contract.

Fixed-term electricity contract and moving

Got a fixed-term electricity contract in your current home but you are about to move? Not to worry – you will not be stuck with two electricity contracts. A fixed-term electricity contract can usually be terminated before it runs out when you move house, and you can make a new contract for your new home.

Electricity contract during the weekend

If you need to have electricity connected during the weekend or weekday evening, call your local power grid company’s fault report service. They can get you connected, but they will charge for doing it. The people at the fault report service will instruct you on how to go about making an electricity contract in such a case.

Using district heating, but now moving out?

If we have provided your district heating, inform us of the new owner.

Moving and your electricity contract - FAQ

Check our checklist when moving

Moving and stressed about it? Take a deep breath and plan things well, and the job will be half done. Use our checklist to do everything at the right time – and you could be in for the easiest move of your life.

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