Sale of solar electricity – sell your surplus electricity to us

Planning of selling solar electricity? Sell it to us! We buy solar electricity from anywhere in Finland at a competitive price. Read on everything you need to know about solar electricity sales, price, transmission price and taxation.

Price of solar electricity – Vaasan Sähkö is competitive

We pay you for solar electricity the equivalent of the electricity spot price. We charge a commission of 0.20 c/kWh. For consumers both the spot price as well as the commission are free of tax (VAT 0 %).

The spot price (c/kWh) of electricity is the one quoted by Nord Pool for Finland. You can follow how the spot price changes in the Vaasan Sähkö mobile app. Please note, that the app shows the prices including VAT.

Make a micro-generation contract using the form.

Your electricity generation will be compensated on your electricity bill

Any surplus electricity you sell to us will be compensated on your electricity bill: your sales proceeds will be deducted from the grand total of your electricity bill. Your micro-generation can reduce your electricity bill.

In order for us to buy solar electricity from you, you must buy electricity from us. If you are not already our customer, make an electricity contract easily online. We will terminate your existing electricity contract on your behalf.

If you already are our customer, you can make a micro-generation contract on this page.

Seven reasons to choose Vaasan Sähkö

  • Service throughout Finland. It does not matter which electricity transmission company you happen to be served by. You can buy electricity from us and sell your solar electricity wherever you live in mainland Finland.
  • Competitive prices. We sell electricity and buy solar electricity at a competitive price.
  • Wide selection of electricity contracts. You will be sure to find a cheap option for yourself.
  • Green choice: We are Finland’s biggest wind power producers. We are investing steadily in carbon neutral energy production.
  • Application for easy monitoring of your energy use.
  • Modern services: We deliver electric car charging stations on the turnkey principle.

Order electricity and make a contract for sale of solar electricity

Make a micro-generation contract

A sales contract for micro-generation or a micro-generation contract is made so that you can sell your surplus electricity to us. If you do not make a contract and transfer solar electricity to the grid, you will not be compensated for it.

A micro-generation contract should be made as soon as you know the global service relation number (GSRN) of your equipment. That way it will be ready for you once you get permission from the electricity company to switch on your solar electricity equipment.

Make a micro-generation contract

Make a micro-generation contract
You can get it from your grid company
* mandatory information

Sale of solar electricity – here’s how to get going

The solar panels have been installed and you are ready to connect them to the grid? Follow the steps below to be able to sell your surplus electricity to us!

Please check on your local power grid company’s website how you should proceed. Within Vaasan Sähkö, do as follows:

  • Become our customer. We can buy your surplus electricity and compensate it on your electricity bill.
  • Fill in the general information form on the local power grid company’s website. Within the Vaasan Sähkö area, fill in the form here (in Finnish or English). If necessary, ask the electrician who installed your solar panel for assistance.
  • The electrician informs the local power grid company that the panels are ready for use. Then wait to receive a) your global service relation number (GSRN) and b) permission to connect to the grid.
  • Once the power grid company has received information of a new electricity generation unit, they will contact you and change your electricity meter if necessary. In order for you to sell electricity, you need to have a modern, bi-directional electricity meter.
  • Once your power grid company sends you the global service relation number, you can make a micro-generation contract with us to agree on the sale of surplus electricity. Make a contract.
  • Once you have received permission to connect to the grid, you can switch on your solar electricity equipment. Remember to conclude the sales contract before this so that we can pay you for any surplus electricity you feed into the grid.

Important to remember:

In future you will have two global service relation numbers. The GSRN of your solar electricity system is different from that of your residential property. You cannot make a sales contract using the GSRN of your residential property. For that, you will need the GSRN of your production equipment.

Changing into a bi-directional meter is free. The law requires that all properties must have a bi-directional meter by the end of 2024.

Vaasan Sähkö and Vaasan Sähköverkko are two different entities. If you are not sure how long it takes to receive permission to connect to the grid, you can call Vaasan Sähkö’s Connection services on +358 6 324 5760 or send an email to

Solar electricity transmission price and taxation

The transmission price of solar electricity varies from power grid company to the next. Vaasan Sähköverkko, which owns the grid in the Vaasa region, does not charge a transmission price for the sale of solar electricity. Other power grid companies may charge for the transmission, but this can be a maximum of 0.07 c/kWh.

Small electricity producers with equipment having a capacity of less than 100 kVA are not subject to electricity tax. Production equipment in households generally have less capacity than that, meaning that ordinary solar electricity systems installed in homes are not subject to this tax.

Generate solar electricity profitably

A solar electricity system is a major investment, so you should consider its profitability carefully in your case. According to the rule of thumb that applies at the moment, the more of the electricity you can use yourself, the better for you.

If you are considering micro-generation, you should first study your local power grid company’s instructions of connecting micro-generation to the their grid. This way you can ensure that you can sell your surplus electricity. Find the Vaasan Sähköverkko instructions here. (in Finnish or in Swedish).

Price of solar electricity in a nutshell

  • We pay the spot price for solar electricity, minus our commission of 0.20 c/kWh.
  • The transmission price varies from one power grid company to the next. Transmission is free within the Vaasan Sähköverkko region.
  • No tax is charged for the sale of solar electricity.
  • You can sell solar electricity only to the company you are buying your electricity from.
  • The proceeds from your solar electricity sales are compensated on your electricity bill.
  • Ask the electrician to help you fill in the general information form of the power grid company. Through this form, the power grid company will be informed of your power generation unit.
  • As soon as you have received the global service relation number for your production equipment, make a contract for the sale of your surplus electricity here.

Ask for more or make a micro-generation contract by filling in the above form.