Electricity distribution

Electricity distribution is the act of transferring electrical energy from one place to another. Electricity distribution takes place along overhead lines of underground cables. Electrical energy is transferred in the grip from power plants to households and businesses.

We operate in eight municipalities: Vaasa, Mustasaari, Laihia, Korsnäs and Maalahti and partly in Vöyri, Närpiö and Isonkyrö. We have almost 80,000 customers.

Vaasan Sähköverkko is in charge of developing the electricity network, providing connections to households and businesses, and maintaining the power lines and switchboards.

Did you know that there are about 80 power grid companies in Finland? Your local power grid company is determined by your address. This means that you have no choice over your electricity distribution company.


Open a map and write your address in the search field to see if you are within the Vaasan Sähköverkko distribution area.