Supply interruptions

The power is out and you have no clue why. A supply interruption always comes unexpected, fortunately there are ways to prepare for one. ​​Read what to do in a case of sudden power outage or when the district heating isn’t working.

Power outages

Have the lights gone out in every room of your house?

  • Check the main fuses.
  • Check if your neighbour has electricity.
  • If your neighbour has no electricity either, the fault probably lies in the distribution network.
  • Keep your freezer closed.
​​Notify the local distribution company

Please call the number given below if a power cut occurs in the Vaasan Sähköverkko’s distribution area. If your supply address is elsewhere in Finland, please contact the local electrical network company. See the live map for noted interruptions.


Interruptions in power supply
Tel. 06 324 5700
24 h

Dos and don’ts in case of a power cut
  • Keep a torch and candles easily available.
  • An electric garage door can be opened without electricity. Learn how and teach your family as well.
  • Have you spotted a tree that has fallen or is about to fall onto a power line? Do not touch the tree; instead, inform the local distribution company about it.

District heating

Things to remember during a supply interruption

  • If possible, close the building’s air conditioning vents.
  • Do not ventilate your home or use a cooker hood if you don’t have to.
  • Prepare to use a fireplace or any other extra heater.

Finally, make sure that all your appliances work as normal. To report faults in the district heating supply, please call our 24-hour service.

Interruptions in district heating supply
Tel. 06 324 5555
24 h

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