About Vaasan Sähkö

Finnish electricity from Vaasa – since 1892. When our company was founded, residents of Vaasa intended to illuminate the beautiful streets of the city. Over the years, Vaasan Sähkö has developed to become a strong energy group.

We are based in Vaasa at the heart of the most important energy concentration in the Nordics. Nonetheless, we supply electricity to every corner of Finland from our home base in Vaasa! Our customers are the most satisfied* in Finland.

* EPSI Rating electricity retail sales report  2020

Company information

Vaasan Sähkö Group employs approximately 140 people. For us, energy is so much more than just a business, it’s an endless source of inspiration.

The priorities of our operations are in electricity sales, district heating and electricity transmission. Vaasan Sähkö sells electricity all across mainland Finland, as well as selling district heat to homes in Vaasa and its immediate surroundings. Our subsidiary Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for electricity transmission in the Vaasa region.


We are committed to energy efficiency!

Vaasan Sähkö has made an Energy efficiency agreement for 2017-2025

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