​Energy-efficient heating

District heating is an economical way to heat all the facilities in a property. It is well-suited to heating buildings of all types and sizes. In urban areas, it is a very energy-efficient way to heat properties. District heating saves you time, effort and money.

Advantages of district heating
  • safety, reliability and ease of use
  • affordability: you can save energy and money without huge investments
  • the equipment does not require a lot of space
  • an environmentally friendly method of production
  • sufficient heat for both heating and household hot water
  • the equipment does not require a lot of maintenance and repairs
  • a pleasant, even room air temperature and always enough warm or hot water at just the right temperature, in all seasons and at any time of day.

In the Vaasa region, district heating meets almost 90% of the demand for heating, and both old and new properties can be connected to it. With single-family houses, only properties located along an existing district heating network can be connected to it​.

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