Electricity contract for students – affordable electricity across Finland

Make a student-friendly electricity contract online in just a few minutes! If you need immediate service, call our customer service. Vaasan Sähkö provides electricity to students throughout Finland, whether you live in Helsinki or Rovaniemi.

Make a Student Electricity contract

The 12-month Student Electricity contract is available only for apartments and is billed electronically. You will receive the first invoice automatically by email. After you have made the contract, we may still verify your student card.



Why choose Student Electricity from Vaasan Sähkö?

Lower basic charge: The basic charge for student electricity is 50% off our regular basic charge.
Better for the environment: Student Electricity has a carbon footprint of 0, making it more environmentally friendly.
Fixed price: By ordering Student Electricity, you get a fixed electricity price for 12 months, so you don't have to worry about price fluctuations.

How to make a Student Electricity contract

  1. Copy the campaign code from above
  2. Go to “Get your electricity contract” site
  3. Fill in the basic information
  4. Select the 12-month Student Electricity contract
  5. Enter the campaign code
  6. Send the form
  7. We will contact you and make sure that everything is right

Congratulations, you have made an electricity contract!

Electricity Basics for Students

When making your first electricity contract, you will definitely encounter new terms. Therefore, we have compiled a glossary related to electricity contracts and electricity bills to help you.

  • Electricity bill: It consists of the price of electricity, electricity transmission service, electricity tax, and value-added tax. Additionally, a fixed basic charge is paid on the price of electricity and the transmission service, which does not depend on your electricity consumption. Electricity and transmission can also be purchased from different companies. In that case, you will receive two separate bills – one from your electricity company and another from your local electricity grid company.
  • Energy charge: This is the charge based on the amount of electricity consumed. It can be compared between different electricity companies.
  • Basic charge: This is a fixed part of the electricity bill that covers the fixed costs of the electricity provider. At Vaasan Sähkö, the basic charge varies depending on the product. For the Student Electricity 12-month product, it is 2.25 euros per month.
  • Electricity transmission charge: This is a charge paid to the electricity grid company for the transmission of electricity. Note that electricity transmission cannot be compared between companies as it is always handled by the local electricity grid company.
  • Measurement method: Buildings are equipped with a measurement method. You should know the measurement method of your new address to make an electricity contract. If you are unsure, choose General electricity  – it is the most common measurement method in apartment buildings.

How much does a Student Electricity contract cost?

A student’s budget can be tight, with expenses like rent, groceries, gym fees, and weekend activities. Therefore, the electricity bill should be as low as possible.

Vaasan Sähkö is a suitable choice for students because our electricity contract prices are generally lower than average. We also strive to keep our prices stable.

For a person living alone in a studio apartment, the estimated electricity consumption is 1,400 kWh per year.

With the Student Electricity 12-month product, you pay about 16.50 euros per month for electricity in a studio apartment. As a Basic Electricity customer, you would pay about 18 euros per month.

For those living with a roommate or partner in a one-bedroom apartment, the average total electricity consumption is 1,900 kWh per year.

In a one-bedroom apartment, the Student Electricity 12-month contract costs about 22 euros per month. As a Basic Electricity customer, you would pay about 23 euros per month for electricity.

The more electricity consumed, the greater the importance of the kilowatt-hour price (c/kWh) of the electricity, and the less important the basic charge of the contract.

In a shared apartment, such as a terraced house where three friends live together, the electricity consumption is about 4,000 kWh per year. In this case, the Student Electricity 12-month product costs the entire apartment about 530 euros per year. The Basic Electricity product would cost just over 520 euros per year at the current price level. When split three ways, each person would pay about 175 euros. In this case, choosing Wind Power would only add a few euros per person per year.

Please note that the calculated prices are estimates. The prices of our Basic Electricity and Wind Power contracts change four times a year. The prices on this page are based on the price level of July 2023. You can check our current electricity prices here.

Also, remember that you pay separately for electricity transmission. The transmission charge depends on the pricing of your local grid company.

Get your electricity contract

Other electricity contracts: how to choose an electricity contract

Open-ended or fixed-term contract?

You can choose either an open-ended contract with no commitments or a fixed-term contract where the price is agreed upon for the entire contract period. The choice of contract is a matter of preference – pick the one that feels easiest for you. Electricity prices fluctuate over time, so it is difficult to predict which contract will be better in the long run. In both contracts, the price is determined by your electricity usage, which is often cheaper than a fixed monthly fee agreed upon in advance.

Environmentally friendly electricity contract

If environmental issues are important to you, you can choose, for example, an open-ended Wind Power contract or a fixed-term Climate Electricity contract. Also Student Electricity has a carbon footprint of 0. By using clean, Finnish-produced energy, you contribute to mitigating climate change. Choosing environmentally friendly electricity is one of the easiest climate actions you can take in your daily life! Our Wind Power is also suitable for a student budget: it adds only a few tens of euros per year to the electricity bill compared to the slightly cheaper Basic Electricity, which utilizes various production methods.

Our electricity contracts

Moving soon? How to get electricity in your new home

  • Check in advance if electricity is included in your rent or if you need your own electricity contract. Sometimes student housing includes electricity in the rent, but not always.
  • Make your electricity contract in good time, preferably a couple of weeks before moving.
  • The easiest way is to order electricity online – it only takes a few minutes, and we take care of the rest.
  • Do you need electricity immediately? Are you moving in less than two working days? You can get electricity quickly by calling our customer service.
  • Before connecting the electricity, please make sure that your home’s electrical appliances are unplugged and that there are no items on the stove. This way, electricity can be connected safely without the risk of fire.

Order electricity online

Check our checklist when moving

Moving and stressed about it? Take a deep breath and plan things well, and the job will be half done. Use our checklist to do everything at the right time – and you could be in for the easiest move of your life.

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