On this page you will find the terms and conditions of Vaasan Sähkö Oy.

We follow the general conditions recommended by the Finnish Energy Industry.
Also see the product-specific terms below.

General terms
Terms of electricity sales TESa 2014
Terms of network service VPE 2019
Terms of network connection LE 2019

Product-specific terms
Contract terms for Climate Electricity

Cancellation right information for consumers
Cancellation form
Terms and conditions for Vaasan Sähkö’s digital services

Electricity products & prices

Power up your home – get your electricity contract!

What’s the average electricity consumption of a detached house or an apartment per year? Is there a consumption calculator to find out how much your appliances consume? This story will answer these questions and give you practical tips for saving electricity, whether you live in a detached house, apartment or terraced house.

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