Possible reimbursement on your bill, starting from April

You might be compensated on your bill for high electricity prices in November–January. The retroactive reimbursement for electricity costs will be made to consumers whose electricity price (only the price of electric energy, no distribution costs included) in November 2022–January 2023 exceeded 10 cents/kWh, and to those who have an electricity contract based on spot prices. The reimbursement is paid automatically to those entitled to it as a deduction to the bill, starting from April.

The reimbursement will be paid over four winter months for 50 % of the part of consumers’ electric energy costs that exceed the threshold of 90€/month. The maximum reimbursement is 700€ per month.

The first instalment of the reimbursement is based on electricity consumption in November–December 2022. The second instalment is based on consumption in January 2023. The reimbursement for January is then doubled to calculatory cover also February.

The electricity retail seller that supplied the electricity in November–January is the one to reimburse you. If you have changed the retail seller during this period, the reimbursement will be made by the sellers in relation to the time they have supplied electricity to you. If you won’t get any bill anymore from a previous retail seller, you will be reimbursed with a payment order or to a bank account designated by you as a customer.

The reimbursement is covered by the State of Finland.