Changes in pricing of products Basic electricity and Wind power from 15 October

Did you get a letter from us in Finnish or Swedish regarding our products Basic electricity (Perussähkö/Basel) and Wind power (Tuulisähkö/Vindel)? Here’s the contents of the letter in a pink nutshell along with some FAQ’s. Due to drastic changes in the energy market, we are changing the pricing of our products Basic electricity and Wind

Waste heat to heat almost 2,000 private homes with only one investment

Vaasan Sähkö is building a waste heat recovery unit at the Påtti wastewater treatment plant. The new waste heat recovery unit  will utilise the heat from treated wastewater. This heat will be used in the district heating network to cover the needs of almost 2,000 detached houses. In other words, this is enough thermal energy

Vaasan Sähkö in wind power-to-hydrogen-to-electricity project

This week Vaasan Sähkö, together with companies Wärtsilä Finland and EPV Energia and the City of Vaasa, have signed a letter of intent to cooperate in a project aimed at utilising emissions-free hydrogen in power generation, industry and traffic applications. The project will be based in Vaasa and will focus on enabling a new way

Opening hours

Our opening hours at Kirkkopuistikko 0 are: Tuesdays 8-11 Thursdays 13-16 You can still reach us during office hours from Monday to Friday.  

Good news! Cheaper electricity until the end of September

Spring of 2020 has been difficult for all of us. We wanted to make life easier for our customers and decided to lower the price of electricity with 10% from May till September. The discounted prices apply to all contracts of an indefinite duration. As our customer, you do not have to make any changes