Influencer: The benefits of Exchange electricity combined with the price security of Basic Electricity

Vaasan Sähkö’s Influencer electricity contract provides stability in the electricity bill as well as the opportunity to benefit from smarter timing of your electricity usage. The price of electricity consists of a fixed component and a component based on the exchange price that the customer influences themselves. The contract is valid until further notice and does not require a fixed-term commitment. Order an Influencer contract here.

The price of Vaasan Sähkö’s Influencer electricity contract consists of a basic fee, an energy charge, and a customer-specific component based on the user’s own influence on their electricity price. The pricing of the energy charge changes quarterly.

Having your own influence in this way makes it possible to get cheaper electricity. If you use electricity the most when exchange electricity is cheap (typically at night and on weekends), your own influence on raising the price decreases and so you save on your bill. On the other hand, if you use energy the most when exchange electricity is expensive (typically on weekday mornings and weekday evenings), there will be an increase in the bill due to the greater influence of the user on the price.

For most, the user’s own influence on the price changes the energy charge by +/- 2 cents per kWh.

Easy tracking in our app

With Vaasan Sähkö’s app, as the electricity user you can easily follow how your own influence on the price is calculated, and the exchange electricity prices that affect it.

A responsible choice in many ways

The electricity used in Influencer electricity contracts is emission-free, as it is produced by wind and nuclear power.

By adjusting your consumption, you contribute both to the sufficiency of electricity supply and the overall emission-free nature of power generation. Electricity production needs to rely more on fossil fuels during consumption peaks. When consumption is timed for periods when electricity is cheapest, emission-free production best meets the consumption demand.

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