The Customer directory of the Vaasan Sähkö group

The Vaasan Sähkö group – Description of the directory

1. Directory controller
Vaasan Sähkö Oy (”Directory controller”)
Business ID: 0209628-8

Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy (”Directory controller”)
Business ID: 1993667-7

Visiting address: Kirkkopuistikko 0, 65100 VAASA
Postal address: Tietosuojakyselyt, PL 26, 65101 VAASA
Phone: 06 3245111

2. Contact information

3. Name of the directory
The Customer directory of the Vaasan Sähkö group, including the directories of Vaasan Sähkö Oy and Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy.

4. The purpose of use and reason for the personal data
The Directory controller or a collaboration partner with given authority manages personal data in accordance to the data protection act for the following purposes:

  • For managing and developing customer relations between Vaasan Sähkö Oy and her subsidiaries and their customers
  • For offering and actualizing products and services
  • For payments, payment monitoring and debt collection
  • For marketing, advertising and distance selling of the Directory controller’s products and services
  • For developing the business and services and included customer service for the Directory controller and
  • for segmentation and profiling done for the above mentioned purposes

The main purpose of managing personal data is the customer relationship between the Directory controller and the registered, the given consent of the registered, the legislated obligations of the Directory controller.

5. The directory’s information content and personal data groups
The directory can include for example the following personal data about the registered:

  • general customer data such as name, social security number, invoicing data and contact information regarding invoicing as well as potential data regarding the customer’s subscription and place of consumption such as address, consumption data and other information needed in order for the Directory controller to produce its services. Contact information for the corporate clients’ contact persons, name, title, phone number and e-mail address.
  • information gathered by cookies about the customer’s visits on websites belonging to companies belonging to the Vaasan Sähkö group.
  • Log data regarding the use of internet sites, with the help of which the user is identified, such as place data, time and user habits.
  • User profiles created with the help of earlier mentioned data.
  • Correspondence with the customer, such as e-mail messages, chat, video and audio conversations as well as related information, stored in order to confirm the exchange with the customer and to develop the quality.

6. The correct information sources of the directory
Data is correctly gathered from the registered him-/herself with the consent of the same as well as from information obtained during the ordering of newsletters, downloads and during the leaving of contact inquiries as well as data obtained with the use of internet services (among other the websites of the Directory controller and social media) and the use of cookies or other dealings or participation in events. Personal data for the production of services can also be gathered, stored and updated via directories maintained by authorities and other reliable sources, such as credit information directories. The electricity market’s data is obtained via other energy companies in accordance with rules for information exchange.

7. Personal data storage
The personal data is stored as long as is needed to actualize the managing purpose of the personal data, specified in this directory description, taking into account the legal time restrictions and obligations.

8. The assigning and transfer of personal data
The Directory controller might use subcontractors and service suppliers for managing personal data. Your personal data can be assigned to subcontractors and service suppliers of the Directory controller only for realizing the user purposes in this description.

These third parties may not use your data for any other purposes that the ones described in this description and purposes mentioned by the Directory controller. The Directory controller binds them to keeping your data secret and makes sure that they follow adequate data protection in order to protect your personal data.

Your personal data can be assigned in accordance with demands decided by a qualified authority and legal preconditions.

The data in the directory can be transferred outside the EU or the EEA only in accordance with the data protection act.

9. Automated decision making
The information in the directory is not used for automated decision making.

10. The principles for directory protection
Manual material

Manual material is stored in locked and monitored facilities and is available only to authorized persons.

Electronically stored information

The data is stored in electronic systems, protected by firewalls, passwords and other adequate technical solutions as well as in regularly secured circuits. The only ones with right to the directory are people employed by the Directory controller or parties given authority by the same to do so, who need the data for their work. All those who use the data in the directory are bound by confidentiality.

11. Changes in the data protection description
The Directory controller is constantly developing its business and therefore reserves the right to make changes to this data protection description by informing about this on the website. The changes can also be based on changes in the legislation. The Directory controller urges the registered to regularly familiarize themselves with the content of the data protection description.

Description updated 3.6.2021