Singa karaoke app free trial for two months!

Singa is a Finnish karaoke app that makes singing easy and fun at home, as well as in restaurants, schools, nursing homes, and pretty much anywhere else. Singa works similar to Spotify or Netflix, but instead of listening or watching, you sing karaoke to your heart’s content.

Sometimes it’s nice to casually hum along in the comfort of your own home with headphones on or perhaps at a cottage by the lakeshore. Other times, the best moments come from having Singa home parties with friends or escalating celebrations to karaoke bars.

Vaasan Sähkö is now offering its customers a two-month free trial of the Singa service!

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  • Free access to a music library of over 80,000 karaoke songs
  • Pitch adjustment to tailor each song to your voice
  • Latest hits and classic favorites from all music genres
  • Hundreds of ready-made song playlists suitable for various moods and occasions
  • Save favorite songs and playlists to your profile for easy access
  • Easily share favorite songs and playlists with friends on social media

In Singa, there’s an impressive, constantly updated library of over 80,000 songs. Are you ready to sing?

Whether you’re into pop, heavy metal, schlager, or indie music, there’s plenty to sing along to for every music taste and mood.

You’ll find songs ranging from timeless classics, both domestic and international, to the latest hits. If your favorite isn’t immediately available, hundreds of themed song playlists will assist in discovering your karaoke masterpiece.

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