Students’ best tips for selecting electricity contract: “Price, wind power and digital services decisive”

Do you need an inexpensive electricity contract that is suitable for students? We asked students to share their experiences on choosing an electricity contract, requesting them to give the best tips. Here’s what they said.

Students’ experiences about electricity contracts – this is what they favor:

Students must go for cheap alternatives – tendering pays off

Students don’t have too much money to spare. That’s why students want to pay as little as possible for their electricity. My friends told me that the best way to find a low-budget alternative is to compare prices online. You can do this on the Energy Authority’s page to get an unbiased view.

“When looking for an electricity contract, I used a website for comparing them.”
Jani, 29, Helsinki

“An electricity company phoned me, offering a cheap contract, so I took up on it.”
Minna, 26, Helsinki

Vaasan Sähkö’s Basic Electricity and Wind Power are cheaper than the Finnish average, making them suitable options for students. You can order electricity at a good price, wherever you live in Finland.

Students want green electricity – it’s not only about the price

Young people are more and more environmentally conscious. Students want to buy ecological electricity, created by renewable sources of energy.

When picking an electricity contract, you should ask yourself what else you want from it besides low price. For example, Vaasan Sähkö offers Wind Power that’s both cheaper and greener than the average.

“When asking for tenders for electricity, you have to bear in mind that the cheapest alternative isn’t always the most ecological, if that’s what you value.”
Jutta, 27, Rovaniemi

“When choosing electricity, I also looked at how it was produced. I wanted renewable energy, but preferably not hydropower, because dams make it difficult for fish to travel. Fossil sources were also out of the question, so electricity contracts guaranteeing the use of wind or solar power were high on my list.”
Riina, 21, Helsinki

Students want to handle their electricity contracts online

Students are used to taking care of things online, from clothes orders to dealing with the authorities, and likewise, they want to deal with their electricity company on their phone or laptop. Digital services are therefore a key criterion when selecting an electricity supplier.

“Ease of use of the online service is pretty much the only criterion for selecting an electricity provider.”
Julia, 30, Tampere

Vaasan Sähkö’s Online service makes it easy to deal with us, such as making a new electricity contract or updating your contact details. It also enables you to follow your electricity consumption, up to the accuracy of one hour!

Contract details regarding offers for students – remember to read the small print

Remember that a really good student discount may appear to be better than it really is: the price is very low to begin with, but soon raised considerably.

“Always read the contract details carefully to spot any clauses on price increases after a while.”
Keijo, 26, Turku

We at Vaasan Sähkö do not have such offers, but prefer to maintain stable prices. This means that you don’t have to worry about any surprises regarding your electricity bills, but can focus on student life to the full – make a student’s electricity contract here.

Student, always remember the following about electricity contracts

  • An electricity contract is easy to make online. You can also call customer service and make a contract by phone.
  • Remember that the price of your electricity bill depends on the price of your electrical energy (c/kWh), the basic fee charged by your electricity supplier and on your electricity consumption.
  • If you choose an e-bill, you can decide how often you pay for your electricity.
  • If, on the other hand, you prefer to have a paper bill sent to your home, the number of bills per year depends on your consumption. If you live in an apartment, your electricity consumption is probably low and you will receive the bill four times a year.
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