Need electricity contract right away?

You’ve carried in the first things into your new home, but you’ve forgotten about the electricity? If you’ve forgotten to make a new electricity contract due to all the rush, that’s no problem. It may be possible to get you electricity even on the same day.

Electricity right away! If your new home has no electricity and you really need it the same day, call us right away. If you call us before noon, you have a better chance of getting electricity even on the same day.

Make an electricity contract right away! Call us on +358 6 324 5750.
We are available from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm.

How quickly your electricity can be connected depends on your local power grid company, which will make the actual connection. Your local power grid company may charge a fee for urgent work of this kind, usually between 50 and 150 euros. Sometimes, however, such quick service is not possible, because it also depends on the opening hours of the local power grid company.

If your home has electricity but the contract is not under your name, no quick connection fee will be payable. However, call our customer service regardless of this.

Not in a hurry? Make an electricity contract online

If it’s the weekend or you’re not in a hurry to make an electricity contract, you can take care of it easily online, 24/7. It only takes a few minutes! You are advised to make an electricity contract well in time, preferably two weeks but latest a couple of days before you move in. This way you’ll be sure to have electricity when you move in, and will not have pay a quick connection fee.

Making an electricity contract

Making a new electricity contract for your new home is easily done on your website. The service is easy to use: log in using your banking credentials and fill in your basic details, your new address and the date when you want to have electricity connected in your new home. The service will always ask your new home’s metering type. See here for help on selecting the metering type.

If you need electricity the same day, call our customer service from Monday to Friday. Our customer service representative will ask you for the necessary information to make an electricity contract.

It’s good to look out for deals when moving. Learn about different electricity contract options and get electricity for your new home from us. Changing electricity providers is easy, as we can terminate your old electricity contract on your behalf.

Wind Power and carbon neutral electricity

If you are concerned about climate change and the environment, choose Wind Power. It is renewable energy that produces no climate emissions. The origin of Wind Power is verified by Finnish wind energy.

The Wind Power contract is valid until further notice, so you can terminate it whenever you want. We update the electricity price four times a year. We will notify you of price changes, whether increases or decreases, well in advance. You can also choose Exchange electricity Wind, which is suitable for active electricity users or for low consumption.

The price of electricity – an indefinite duration or fixed-term contract?

You should look out for different options for electricity contracts to find what’s best for you. One of the key criteria is price.

If you want to make sure the price stays the same for the entire duration of the contract, choose a fixed-term option. It’s an easy option, as you won’t have to think about electricity for a long time. If you move house within that time, you can terminate the contract before the contract runs out.

The other option is to choose an electricity contract that is valid until further notice. It enables you to change your contract whenever you want. With this option, however, the price of your electricity may vary. At Vaasan Sähkö, the prices of Basic Electricity and Wind Power reviewed four times a year, with new prices announced a month before they take effect. The price of Exchange Electricity varies by the hours, which enables active electricity users to save money.

Electricity price components

Electricity prices vary from one provider and deal to the next, and they are greatly affected by market prices. There may be differences not only in the energy charge (c/kWh) but also the basic charges (€/month). The energy charge is based on amount of consumption, whereas the basic charge is a fixed monthly payment to the electricity provider.

If you come across an offer that appears to be really cheap, you should read the terms and conditions really carefully. Sometimes it is cheap only for a short period, with the price soon rising sharply.

Vaasan Sähkö prices are lower than the average. We also offer fixed-price electricity contracts.

Keep in mind that the total amount of your electricity bill is not entirely made up of the electricity (it consists of both the energy price and the basic charge). You will also pay taxes and your local electricity transmission company for the transmission. You cannot affect the price of electricity transmission. This is always provided by the local power grid company that owns the regional network.

In other words, the parts in your electricity bill that you can affect, is only one-third of the total.

Moving and your electricity contract – what to do

Are you moving and need an electricity contract for your new home? Read more about electricity contract and move.

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