Information about Vaasan Sähkö’s web cookies

Our websites use cookies in order to improve the user experience, to measure usage and to execute marketing. With the help of cookies we create user friendly services, focus the marketing and in general facilitate the use of the service.

A cookie is a small text file which is saved and stored on the user’s main unit. Cookies do not harm the main unit or files saved on it.

Among our services there can be community connections such as Facebook’s or Twitter’s Like or Share-buttons. Those can be visible in our services, but their content comes directly from the source of the button. The community connection in our service notices that the user is logged in on the service in question, whereupon the page shows a customized content. Those services can gather information about the user’s visit in accordance with valid integrity terms. The services in question do not assign data they collect to the Directory controller without the user’s explicit consent.

Cookies which improve the user experience

Some of our cookies are used only to create a pleasant user experience. With the help of the cookies, the use of our web service runs smoother. If you wish you may refuse the use of cookies via the settings in your web browser. But then we cannot guarantee that all of our web services run adequately. With most web browsers one can prohibit cookies under Tools or Privacy.

Cookies which measure usage

Measuring the usage of the web service is a central part of the development of our service. With the help of measuring cookies we gather information about how widely our services are used, what the usage is like and what we should focus on in order to improve the service. At the same time we gain information about our service’s performance.

Vaasan Sähkö uses software like Google Analytics and Clarity when tracing the web service and for development of the user experience. Data collected by Google is by nature anonymous. Read here about how Google uses your data.

Marketing cookies

These cookies help us design marketing which meets your needs better. Our websites use Vaasan Sähkö’s cookies, but also cookies for advertising networks and social media services.

With the help of marketing cookies we can aim our advertising at those who most likely are interested in it.

Marketing cookies aimed at you and the settings can be managed via the General European settings service.