Make full use of your surplus micro-generation and sell it to us

Is your solar panel generating more than you consume yourself? You can sell your surplus electricity to us. We buy electricity from our customer all around Finland at a competitive price. With the sale of electricity you have produced yourself you can reduce your own electricity bill.

We will pay a price for your surplus electricity that is tied to the spot price. The spot price is the hourly exchange price in the Finnish price zone of the Nord Pool electricity exchange. We deduct 0.20 eurocents per kWh from this sum as commission.

The contract is easy to make: simply contact our customer service. Once the contract has been made, we will take care of everything for you, and you will be compensated on your electricity bill for electricity you have sold. If you are not yet our customer, check out our prices here.

How to sell electricity to us

  • You have made an electricity contract with us.
  • You have made an online service and electricity contract for electricity production with your power grid company.
  • Your site has a bidirectional electricity meter, measuring electricity transfer in both directions by the hour. This way we know when you have been buying or selling electricity.
  • Your local power grid company is obliged to send us information about the amount of your surplus electricity to the accuracy of one hour. We will get this information for you from your power grid company.

Considering micro-generation?

Getting a solar electricity system is a major investment and you should consider carefully whether it is a viable option. The rule of the thumb at the moment is that you will get the greatest financial benefit the more of the electricity you can use yourself. Using renewable produced energy at the property itself also improves the building’s energy-efficiency.

If you are considering micro-generation, you should read your local power grid company’s instructions on connecting to the grid. This way you can ensure whether any surplus electricity can be sold back into the grid. See Vaasan Sähkö’s instructions here (in Finnish or Swedish).


  • Get panels that match your own consumption.
  • Make sure that no trees or buildings cast a shadow on the panels.
  • Buildings often have three-phase power. If you are planning of getting a single-phase panel system, you get the best results if you connect it in the phase in the three-phase system that has the most devices connected to it.
  • Check with the local building control services whether you have to apply for an action permit.
  • Get offers from several panel suppliers.
  • Inform the power grid company that you plan to have solar panels.
  • Before starting generation, make a connection and network service agreement.
  • The panels should be installed by an electrician.

Questions about the sale of surplus electricity