Vaasan Sähkö part of Wärtsilä’s Smart Partner Campus

Wärtsilä has chosen Vaasan Sähkö to be part of the Smart Partner Campus collaboration.

The first phase in the Smart Partner Campus concept will be designed together with Danfoss, Demos Helsinki Oy, NLC Ferry Ab Oy, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Vaasan Sähkö Oy and University of Vaasa.

“The cooperation partners we have now selected, are partners who are committed especially to designing a new operating model and creating a so called playbook. Our aim is to create a global and flexible enough concept, in which as many innovators as possible can participate for various periods of time. This means that new partners will be joining regularly as the project proceeds. We believe that this model will bring the best and different kind of experts to the same table to boost the innovation and discovery of new things,” says Hannu Mäntymaa, Director, R&D and Engineering in Wärtsilä.

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