Get your invoice digitally and win a prize!

Do you still get your electricity bill on paper? It’s time to start receiving it digitally.

There are many reasons for why it’s worth getting your bills electronically:

  • Save time when paying your bill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Stop being nervous about whether the invoice is maturing in the mailbox while you’re on vacation.

How can I receive my invoice digitally?

We offer our customers a variety of options:

  • Order an e-invoice from us in you bank’s online service
  • Download the app Kivra or use the service online
  • Download the app OmaPosti or use the service online
  • Get your invoices from us by e-mail (order form in Finnish)

Both Kivra and OmaPosti will know to receive your invoice electronically once you have registered as a user. They require no further actions on your part.

To the fun part – be one of our monthly winners!

Each month we will draw five winners among all customers who have moved on to a digital invoice. The prize is a gift card to S Group worth 20 €. We arrange a draw at the end of the month until March 2022.

N.B. When you have made changes to get your bill digitally, you will not get a copy on paper in the mail.